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I Am Black And Tall

I Am Black And Tall

By: Dr. Evelyn Hill


I am black and Tall

I wonder why the color of my skin is an issue to so many.

I hear hope and peace and songs of gladness.

I see love and forgiveness.

I want inclusion and acceptance.

I am Black and Tall.

I pretend I’m short.

I feel appreciated by some.

I touch the sky.

I worry about those who hate people of color.

I cry at the shooting or death of another person of color.

I am Black and Tall.

I understand change is not done overnight, but 100 years is long enough.

I beg for human compassion for all.

I dream of a world of peace and love.

I try to be kind to all.

I hope for racial equality for all.

I am Black and Tall.

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