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Sex Still Sells (Injustice)

Proverbs 17:15 (NIV)

Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent - the Lord detests them both.

For more than ten years, both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were acquitted of the charges against them for their sex trafficking of young teen girls. Authorities had come against Epstein several times, but his wealth and high-powered friends and acquaintances could block and often re-direct the charges to the innocent girls he and his friends were sexually abusing.

Epstein was finally charged; however, his high-powered attorney came with a unique way to go around his crimes. Epstein's non-prosecution deal was secured. Epstein enjoyed the opportunity to stay in the jail for a few hours a day and go to his mansion the rest of the day. What a bunch of crock! Later Epstein's non-prosecution deal was overturned, and he had to experience a real jail experience. Authorities say that his death while in jail was suicide.

Virginia Giuffre, a former victim of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, has filed charges against Maxwell. Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite the daughter of the deceased Robert Maxwell, a media tycoon. Maxwell is also the former girlfriend of Jeffery Epstein. In several articles, it was stated that she assisted and groomed young teens to please Epstein and his high-profile friends sexually. Those high-powered friends are in the court records as numbers. For example, one is number 51; another maybe number 31, etc. The John Doe's do not want their names revealed because it could cause great embarrassment to their families and friends that they have been in company with Epstein, a pedophile of young girls.

What is so sad to me is that Ghislaine was willing to participate in this sex crime against other females. A female who had everything, money, fame, rich friends, and family, including contacts in the white house and the household of Queen Elizabeth. Why would she be active in luring young girls with little or no social or economic support? Why was there no empathy for the young girls she lined up like "fresh meat" on a meat rack to be sexually abused by old men? Was she concerned with continuing to satisfy her old boyfriend by supplying young girls to fulfill his sexual fantasies? In my opinion, she should have been disgusted and repulsed with his fetish for young girls. However, it is not much different in urban areas when pimps have other women help them get new girls to work for the pimp. The benefits would be perceived as safer, having a place to live, and a steady income.

We recently saw that Maxwell is no longer holding out on the names of the John Doe's she had

protecting. She faces upward of 20 years in jail. Many believe that she is being punished in the New York jail for deeds done by her ex-boyfriend, who is now dead. For years she and Epstein had no punishment for their deviant behavior to the young girls subjected to sexual abuse. Things have turned around.

These are recent pictures of Maxwell. I consider myself a person of great empathy and sympathy. However, I remain very disturbed

about how abusers of children and women continue to exist for many years. There is no quick remedy. Sex still sells. There are people in powerful places that could stop sex trafficking, but they won't because they may be participating in the crime of sex with minors themselves.

I am grateful for more judges, attorneys, and jurors who will not let such crimes go unpunished. I appreciate the victims in this case for pursuing JUSTICE. Virginia Giuffre has the funds to afford one of the best lawyers in this century to obtain credibility and deeply detailed interrogation from the abusers.

We are quick in America to allow the John Doe's to free and lock up the women for prostitution. I say lock up the John Doe too. He is guilty of the crime also. In this case with Maxwell, I am amazed that the John Doe's are worried about their name and family because of their criminal behavior. It is sad to witness the lack of empathy of the Doe's regarding the girls they sexually assaulted. Girls who are now women continue to suffer from their past with various personal issues that haunt them daily.

It is time for real change in America. Change that allows the guilty to experience accountability and any punitive damage that comes with it. Right is just Right for everyone, regardless of race, economic status, and other barriers that favor the rich and white.

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