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Invite Dr. Evelyn for a Justice Talk

Dr. Evelyn Hill

Speaking up for the poor, the fatherless, the widow, and the voiceless.

Dr. Evelyn Hill has served on the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education from July of 2009 through January of 2018. During her tenure on the Board of Education, she was the President from July 2014 through July 2017. She values education and believes every child has the right to receive a quality education. She embraces the fact that we are lifetime learners.

Dr. Hill believes we need to prepare this generation of students for the global workforce, which is very different from the workforce of yesterday. This new generation of learners must be prepared to excel in the technical fields of the new laptop, smartphone and iPad learning tools and beyond. Technology is changing rapidly, therefore, education strategies of academic success must change rapidly.  Technology should not eliminate the soft skills that include positive people skills of verbal conversations.


Dr. Hill is currently Director of Equity and Justice at Avenue of Life, a community development organization whose focus is on empowering poor families to become financially self- sufficient with a emphasis of advocating for families who have been challenged with judicial system issues and beyond. Dr. Hill has worked strategically with Avenue of Life, KCK School District, and other agencies in the Kansas Community Leadership Enterprise (KCLE) collaborative to decrease the number of homeless kids in the school district.   The original number of 1400 homeless kids has been decreased by over 50%.

Since the death of George Floyd and other African American civilians in 2020 along with the COVID-19 pandemic,  Dr. Hill has been moved to speak up for the under-served communities in our metropolitan areas around the country. We have watched for over 50 years the unfair and unjust systemic issues that continues to plague our communities of color. All lives matter!  Not just white lives or blue lives.  Black and brown men and women across our country  have been killed by our law enforcement entities.  Too many mothers of color have had to bury their sons and daughters for needless reasons. Too many of our sons and daughters are victims of our own neighborhoods from continued black on black crimes.  Enough is enough!!!   Dr. Hill has been moved to work toward solution based ideas with other local citizens in the Justice and Equity Coalition.  

Dr. Hill enjoys public speaking, group training and facilitating. She has spoken to crowds that have included up to and beyond 2500 listeners at high school graduations and KCK public school employee convocations. She has also spoken at churches, corporations, non-profit organizations, universities both locally and beyond. She has pastored two churches.  She is often called upon to serve families who are un-churched and have no money for funerals, counseling, etc.  Dr. Hill is very passionate about empowering women and children through education.  Dr. Hill is also very passionate about the civil rights of all humans.  Justice issues must move from talk to action that frees the innocent and oppressed.   Justice must meet the requirement of "being just and fair" and values the life of all humans regardless of race, economic status or citizenship. 

Dr. Hill has served in many volunteer positions over the years including but not limited to: the Mayor’s Diversity Council, Heartland 180, Caring For Kids, MAAC board of directors, KCK Chamber of Commerce board of directors, consultant to the Mayor of Richmond Virginia for Youth Involvement in City Administration, Leadership 2000, Keeler’s Women’s Center, Joyce Williams Center (Domestic Violence Shelter), Wyandotte County United Way, The Unified Government of Wyandotte County, The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council, the Mayor’s Clergy Roundtable and The Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Youth Homeless.