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No Justice - No Peace

Proverbs 18:5

It is not good to be partial to the wicked and so deprive the innocent of justice.

The rapist, Christopher Belter pleaded guilty in 2019 to felony charges that included third-degree rape, attempted first-degree sexual assault, as well as two misdemeanor charges of second-degree sexual abuse. Christoper a white male of New York, raped 4 teen girls. He raped three 16-year-old girls and one 15-year-old girl.

Judge Matthew Murphey III said a prison sentence, in this case, is inappropriate on November 18, 2021. So the judge gave the sentence of 8 years probation for Christopher, Belter. This included he must be registered as a sex offender. I am enraged as many others especially for the victims and their families at this lack of justice for Christopher Belter. The punishment of probation does not at all equal the crime and damage of the crimes that he has committed. It is sad the judge somehow felt compelled to let this young white man off easy, while the white women he raped continue to bear the pain and agony of sexual abuse with no real judicial punishment that equals the crime.

Christopher Belters did not receive True Justice in this case. True justice was DENIED for the four teenage girls he raped. Belters were previously placed on two years interim probation as he sought youthful offender status. Judge Judy Sara Sheldon at the time predicted he would find it difficult to comply with the restrictions. The now 20-year-old admitted to violating his probation. He installed software on his personal computer that allowed him to view pornography, which was restricted. He admitted to watching porn since he was seven years old. Below are definitions of his crimes:

Third Degree Rape - committed when the anal/oral or vaginal sexual intercourse is deemed to be without the lawful consent of the victim.

First Degree Sexual Abuse - When a person guilty of first-degree sexual abuse is when he or she subjects another person to sexual contact by forcible compulsion.

Class A Misdemeanor - subjects another person to sexual contact who is incapable of consent.

Second Degree sexual abuse - guilty when he or she is at least 18 years old but less than 21 years old and subjects another person who is 16 years old to sexual contact.

Christopher Belter is from a rich and influential family. Is it possible that is the reason the judge

went easy on him? Please imagine in your mind for a few minutes what would have happened if Christopher Belter was a black man with limited resources and influences. Do you think the Judge

Murphey sentence would have been different?

Maybe a better sentence would have been 5 years in prison for every girl he raped. That would be 20 years. If the judge wanted to have mercy he could give a sentence of 3 years for every girl he raped, that would be 12 years in prison.

Two things would have happened with this type of sentence.

1) The victims would have seen some real restitution for the crime committed against them.

2) Christopher Belter would have experienced a real punishment for crimes of rape he committed. He would have to be accountable and responsible for his crime.

While studying this case, please notice that this young man, Belter abused his victims in his family home.

He was 16 when the assaults began, all of which took place in Belter’s home in an exclusive neighborhood near the Niagara Falls Country Club.

The investigation that led to Belter’s arrest began in his home which was reportedly known to locals as a “party house.”

In September 2018, police received a tip through the state’s child abuse helpline and began looking into the parties.

Court papers allege that Tricia Vacanti (mother of Christoper) served teenagers jello shots and smoked cannabis with them.

Sullo was charged with supplying alcohol to teenagers back in 2016.

Their culpability in the assaults is impossible to overlook.

Christopher Belter’s victims have accused his mother and stepfather of ‘grooming’ them.

One lawsuit was filed by a victim known as MM names Vacanti, Gullo, Belter Sr., and another adult, Jessica Long, as co-defendants — Long is reported to be a family friend.

"Vacanti cultured a relationship with MM with all the characteristics of a peer-to-peer friendship, including the mutual exchange of personal and confidential information, with the intention of grooming MM and other girls to be prey for her predator son," it alleges.

"Vacanti would flatter and compliment MM’s appearance, find points of insecurity in MM’s psyche and use them... [she] gained MM’s trust by offering a space for her and others to party with drugs and alcohol."

Other lawsuits claim three adults were aware of the sexual abuse happening at the residence and accused these adults of making the assaults more likely by supplying drugs and alcohol.

Wow, can you believe this drama? This is almost a Movie of inappropriate X-rated, out-of-control behavior of both the parents and the child. They all need help!! I believe the parents should also serve prison time for the crimes that they participated in. Supplying liquor, drugs, and location for young girls to be subjected to sexual abuse. They too should receive 5 years of prison time per victim that was raped. This would speak loudly to the rich who insist on breaking laws because of their financial and economic status and influence in their communities.

No Justice - No Peace. We will continue to march forward with real-life stories that need to be addressed.

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