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Shades In Justice Part 3

But Let Justice Roll 0n Like A River

As I watched in great despair the death of George Floyd I was horrified at the injustice of his death and the lack of compassion of those who committed this murder. It was not new to me or my family, for we have seen the results of injustice in our communities for years. We have heard the words "change is going to come". We have sung the song "We Shall Overcome Someday" and we have marched and protested. There has been some changes over the last 50 years, however there is still much more work to do for positive change to happen in our police departments and in our judicial systems across the country. I am convinced that real change does not come from violence but from love and the ability to work together with all races to put laws, legislation and statues in place that protect the rights of all human beings.

My heart, soul and entire being was traumatize watching George beg for his life and finally, George Floyd cried out for his mother. Wow, that really messed me up! His mother was dead, obviously a source of protection and support during her life time for her son George Floyd, but this time she could not help him, encourage him, embrace him, or protect him.

As a mother of two African American sons, and three African American grandsons, my heart breaks just thinking about the possibility of someone taking life from them. Especially the way George's life was taken. His cry to breathe really broke me. After watching the video on several news outlets, I found that I could not watch that video one more time.

Many times here in America the "mothers" must endure the collateral damage when their sons are being abused and often killed by police. Trayvon Martin's mother and father have been proactive to help and encourage other families who sons' were victims of police violence that caused death. Trayvon Martin was killed by a security guard, when he was on his way back home after going to the store to purchase skittles and a soft drink. His death should have never happened!

With the death of George Floyd, our country has been experiencing many different responses. People from various cultures and backgrounds are protesting throughout country. We have seen many Hispanics, Asians, and Caucasians protesting side by side with African Americans. I am pleased to report that we have seen many police who stood up for justice and for treating the protesters with respect and dignity while they protected the community. We have seen police get on a knee, and proclaim that what was done to George Floyd was not right. Many police in our communities acknowledge that what was done to George Floyd was wrong. To my surprise I have seen people in Canada, London, Great Britain, all demanding JUSTICE. Many continue to declare that Black Lives Matter. The real truth is ALL lives matter.

There is no excuse for the violence to continue against people of color in America. America has had over a one hundred years to improve the treatment of it's citizens and neighbors. I believe it is a matter of the heart. From the beginning, the forefathers of this country owned slaves, raped slaves, beat slave, profited from slaves and let's not forget killed slaves. This was a common practice because slaves were not considered as human. They were considered property. The slave owners believed they could do what they wanted to with their property. Thomas Jefferson, who penned the Declaration of Independence, really was not considering independence or freedom for his slaves, but for other white men. It was in his HEART to continue building his wealth with black slaves as he went to church and prayed. But, his heart was not right, fair or just when it came to people of color. He raped a 14 year old slave girl and eventually had four children by her. What part of this behavior is right? His behavior was however excepted in his day, to the shame of America.

During the 1930's dead black men and boys were found hanging on trees. Mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, neighbors were all traumatized discovering these dead family members murdered by white men who were filled with hate and murder in their heart. A beautiful female singer by the name of Billy Holiday sang a sung song about these dead black men hanging on trees and called them strange fruit. There is no excuse for our sons, nephews and husbands to continue to be found dead hanging on trees, killed by white men.

According to CNN, the FBI and Department of Justice will investigate the hanging deaths of two black men in California. Robert Fuller, 24, was hanging from a tree . The Department of Justice and the FBI announced Monday they will be reviewing the hanging death of Fuller as well as the hanging death of a 38 year old Malcom Harsch, both black males. Originally the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner Coroner said it look like suicide. I disagree, I am not an official coroner, but I think these cases should be called HOMICIDE not SUICIDE. Justice must be done.

We must continue to be proactive. We must not quit, get tired and become motionless. We must continue to move forward. Protesting without looting is good, prayer is good, contacting your elected officials by the masses is extremely effective.

The bible says in Amos 5:24 "But let Justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never failing stream".

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