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The Other Side of Black Lives Matter

Let's not make the mistake of thinking that only Black Lives Matter. It is true, black lives do matter, but the Other Side of that statement is that in reality All Lives Matter!!! It is not a political statement. It is not a statement of hate or a threat to those who are not black or brown. It is a declaration and a affirmation as well as a confirmation. Black people live's matter also. Black/Brown people have suffered for decades because of law enforcement systems, judicial systems, economic systems, health systems and educational systems that continue to treat them differently as though they do not matter. Black and Brown people have red blood, just as all people. Black people have hands, toes, eyes, arms, and many other body parts just as people around the world. The point I am making is Black people are human beings just like people who are not black or brown. They too have families, loved ones and friends just like those who are not black or brown. With the extreme abuse from our law enforcement agencies across the country, they too need to be reminded, just like they have members of the family they love dearly, so do black and brown people. The focus of these words mean that Black/Brown people have faced discrimination and abuse from systemic racism that continues in many communities across our country. What can we do now? Change the policies and systems that continue behaviors that are negligent, abusive and uncaring to people of color. Don't sit in apathy any longer. Join us in this moment of opportunity for change. Let's work together because Black Lives Matter just as All Lives Matter!!

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