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He's Still Alive!

It's amazing that Ralph Yarl is alive after being shot in the head last April. This young man sustained gunshot wounds in both his head and another area of his body. I am happy to say that this young 17-year-old high school student is still alive. As we have seen on several news outlets this young man went to the wrong house to pick up his twin brothers. He went to the wrong address, which almost cost him his life. It is interesting that he did not break the homeowner's door lock, or windows. He did not threaten the resident in any way other than being a black youth at the door of a man who was not afraid to shoot a black boy.

According to an article written by Deena Zaro from ABC News,

on June 1, Mr. Andrew Lester, the 84-year-old

who shot Ralph Yarl, posted a $200,000 bond. Mr. Andrew Lester pleaded,

not guilty. The judge, in this case, has sealed some of the records. The family is

not pleased with the decision of the judge. The judge mentioned that with so much negative press,

Mr. Lester's life could be in danger, and it is better to conceal some of the records.

Mr. Ben Crump, a nationally known civil rights attorney, has repeatedly asked for transparency in this case. However, it appears there is no transparency in this case, even with the prosecuting attorney, Mr. Thompson, who said he will be as transparent as possible in this case. However, his words and actions seem to go down two different paths.

Our justice system says that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I really think this is a valid way to start a case in the criminal justice system. However, cases like this one, really make me want to change that way of thinking. When the victim is alive and able to share the truth of a crime, even if the crime is a mistake, the victim should be allowed more leverage in the case to obtain true justice. Justice is not my opinion or your opinion, justice should yield what is right in a case or situation. Justice should not be tainted by the race of a victim or the defendant. Justice should be done regardless of age, wealth, culture, or religion. Justice should be able to ride high on the back of wisdom and knowledge, not the grounds of hate, discrimination, and race.

I personally know some judges, attorneys, and others involved in the judicial system. I know that their desire is to be the best in their field. I understand the many tough decisions that have to be made, regardless of the view or frustration of the family and the community. Even with that said, sometimes it appears that justice is NOT fair. Or at least justice is not JUST, it is NOT right. It often appears the victims are treated as criminals. The criminals are treated with great respect, understanding, and gentleness. While the victim is treated as though they committed a crime. How can we correct this part of our justice system?


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