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What Good Things Have Happen Since COVID-19 Hit America??

There have been so many negative things reported day and night about the devastation of the COVID-19 virus. We hear of those dying in specific communities that are hit the hardest and how seniors over 65 and those with the immune systems that are compromised may be the most vulnerable in contracting the disease. We hear about the children across the country that are dying with some strain of COVID-19. We hear about the mortuaries that are over-loaded with bodies that need to be buried and about families who can not be with loved ones, while they are victims of this deadly disease at their final hours of life. Many have lost jobs; businesses and the economy have tanked. Even with the country opening up gradually many families may be put out of their homes, losing their cars because they cannot pay for them without income. Even with the stimulus money, it was almost too little too late for many who were already on a shoe-string budget. Yes, there has been so much negativity. We as citizens in this country are still struggling trying to survive in an environment of uncertainty, pain, and displeasure of continuing the practices of social distancing, washing hands/ sanitizing everything with no jobs. I also realize domestic violence has increased, homelessness is still a great challenge and crimes continue both violent and non-violent.

Let us take a few moments and talk about some GOOD things that have happen since the COVID-19 hit America. Across our country we are seeing and hearing about the extra mile many individuals are doing in the medical field. For the first time as a country we are thanking our health care workers, EMT, Firemen and Policemen who are working around the clock to save lives. Their dedication and expertise have saved thousands of lives. They have worked tirelessly even without the protective equipment necessary to do their job and be safe. I want to jump in on that bandwagon and say thanks to all of you for your sacrifice and care for those who have needed your care and help doing this season of great sickness and loss. Your sacrifices will not be soon forgotten.

We have seen a shift in FOOD distribution in communities around the country. There has been a new wave of young and old people working together in volunteer opportunities to help feed families in communities across the country. College students, truck drivers, farmers, community workers, have come together with innovative ideas to stop massive waste of milk and fresh produce. As the food prices in the grocery stores continue to go up, this massive food distribution transfer to communities is free. Many parents can feed their children again with wholesome foods. A big shout out to you all who have made it happen. I know ALL is not fair, and that many are still in need of food, but I am happy the wheels are beginning to turn to really help those in need of food around our country.

We have seen a shift in our EDUCATIONAL institutions. College and School administrators around the country had to come up with new systems quickly to educate our children when the school building is closed. Many dedicated teachers who have kids themselves at home, during this pandemic teach kids from devices at home instead of in the classrooms. New ways to do art, games, math, and reading all from the computer, laptops, i-pads and/or other devices available to kids from the school districts.

Across the country we are seeing a shift in the JUSTICE system. There are some very positive things happening, that may have not happened as quickly around the country, if the COVID-19 virus had not threatened the lives of staff and those incarcerated. Low level crime offenders are not incarcerated because they do not have bail money. About 25% or more of the incarcerated in various communities around the country have been released from jail. These individuals were in jail waiting for a court date and could not afford to pay bail. Judges, sheriffs, district attorneys around the country are taking another look at justice systems that were put in place years ago around low-level non-violent offenders.

Across the country their seems to be a spike in on-line WORSHIP. Since the traditional church services being on lock-down, the online presentations for worship have gotten the attention of many people who are interested in the online worship experience. The pandemic may have caused many to look to God for answers, for comfort, for safety and most of all for hope. In the midst of so much uncertainty and pain, we have been reminded through on-line worship services, that God does care and sees what is happening. We still may have a lot of unanswered questions, but we do have an opportunity to be revived with words of hope and help.

Even in the midst of so much negativity, unfair practices, injustice and areas of concern and disruption, this is just a note to help us all remember that there are some good things happening in spite of COVID-19.

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