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Bail Bond Quiz

1. How much does tax payers pay for those awaiting trial?

2. How many are awaiting trial in the USA?

3. How many in the USA prisons have health problems?

4. What has caused USA prison growth?

5. About how many sit in county or city jails in a year because they are unable to pay bail?

6. Does pretrial detention pressure individuals to plead guilty even if they are not, to obtain release?

7. Which country has the most people in prison? a) Italy, b) Russia c) USA

8. Which state has the largest prison population of women?

9. Is mass incarceration in the United States a civil rights issue?


1. Tax payers pay $38 million per day for those awaiting trial.

2. 63% of total jail population or more than 450,000 awaiting trial.

3. It is estimated that 2/3 of people in jail suffer from health, mental health, substance abuse disorders. It is 60% -100% more expensive to jail these individuals.

4. Pretrial bail is the cause of 99% of the US Prison growth.

5. Over 450,000 Americans sit in jail because they are too poor to bay bail.

6. True

7. USA

8. Oklahoma

9. Yes

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