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Justice For Children

The Uvalde Children Could Be Our Children!!

It is not easy to watch these horrific stories of the very violent and deliberate shooting of children around our country. I am personally affected by the pain, trauma, and shock of the tremendous losses our families in this country have suffered at the hands of the murderers. American congressmen and women are trying to figure out what to do and how to stop these acts of violence, however, there has been no remedy yet. We as Americans want to blame somebody. Who can be sued for these repeated violent shootings across our country? Who is to blame? Should the manufacturers of the guns be sued, or should it be the manufacturer of the bullets? Gun enthusiasts along with others who purchase firearms for personal protection, maybe in favor of responsible adults owning guns. However, what we are finding out is that often-responsible parents do not know when their children have the guns. While parents are at work, or at another event, children gain access to these deadly firearms. Others use their guns for hunting as a sports event. They may not want to give up their guns either. After all, it is a constitutional right to have guns.

Have you ever wondered what the Second Amendment says? And per usual the amendment seems outdated and almost unusually old for today's democracy. However even though it appears to need some wordsmithing, it plainly says "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed".

As we look at this particular case, it has been revealed that the police officers were quickly contacted when the shooter was in the school. However, the police did nothing for several minutes. That means for possibly an hour the police officers did not force their way into the area where the active shooter was. I, like many of the parents, wonder what was keeping them from charging the shooter. I have no answers, however, I believe that if they had engaged the shooter aggressively in numbers there is a great possibility that fewer children would have died. however, with that being said, it could have meant more police officers would have lost their lives. Either way, it is not a good ending.

I understand that our children need justice in so many areas of life. However, children being shot while going to school to get an education is just not acceptable. So, we as fellow Americans must work together for the health and safety of our kids and put away our pride and greed. It is more important to save our children than to brag about how many assault weapons we have. Children are included in this saying:

" Justice and Liberty FOR ALL!".

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