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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We Cannot Allow The Death Of Breonna Taylor To Rest In Peace

Why was Breonna Taylor shot 8 times by the police in Louisville, Kentucky? This question is still on the hearts and minds of the family and friends of this 26 year old, Emergency Room Technician (EMT).

According to reports, early on the morning of March 13, the police were serving a no-knock warrant because of possible drug activity on the property. Breonna and her high school sweetheart, Kenneth Walker, were at home in the bed when the police broke into her apartment unannounced.

Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, did fire his gun and hit a police officer in the leg, because he thought intruders were entering into the home.

Kenneth Walker was not shot, but Breonna was shot eight times and killed immediately. There was obviously no regard for human life with that many shots being fired. The three officers found no drugs in the home. The officers were looking for a suspect that had been apprehended a few days earlier. This is truly a mistake on the part of the police department. The police officers were wearing street clothes. Maybe that explains why the officer was shot in Breonna’s home. They broke the door down, they did not announce who they were and they were not in uniform. The lack of information from the police department, might cause anyone to assume intruders were entering the home.

Kenneth Walker was charged for attempted murder of police and first-degree assault. The three officers were re-assigned pending the investigation. These officers killed a women, and were re-assign to do what? They should have been fired, arrested and detained until their trail date was set. There is no room for these types of murders to continue in our communities around the country.

Where is the JUSTICE in this case? What shade is this justice? Is it dark black or vivid red, representing the blood of Breonna Taylor that was left in her apartment? She died in the hallway of her home. All of her dreams shattered, all of her aspirations, goals and plans for the future were wiped out by the police. She was not protected by the police, but brutally shot and killed by the police.

The family is suing the Louisville Police Department for negligence, excessive force and wrongful death.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine announced at a news conference that his office will move to dismiss the criminal case against Walker. The charges were dismissed for Kenneth Walker.

The attorney for the police department, Mr. Eggert, urged the court to DISMISS THE CASE. It seems odd to me, that when police kill innocent people, their attorneys would recommend that the court dismiss the case! However, when people of color commit murder by mistake or intentional the courts usually do not dismiss the case but give the guilty party the maximum penalty. When the police department is guilty of MURDER, the systems of injustice want to dismiss the case. This is NOT RIGHT. This is unacceptable, we as Americans can no longer allow these systems of injustice to continue.

We must challenge courts around the country to reform laws, protocols and policies that give benefits to guilty police who commit crimes. They must be held accountable for breaking the law just as every other American citizen. They are NOT exempt from the law. Unfortunately, for many years they have covered their murders, rapes, thefts and lies with the good old boy systems that continue to disrupt and pollute our justice system. The police officers in this case should be charged with first degree murder.

The Officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove, meanwhile, remain on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.

This is a classic case of RACIAL INJUSTICE. Racism is a system that has a history of killing innocent people of color. Officers can agree to report a lie and with qualified attorneys of law solidify their actions in a court of law.

They should receive the same penalty as a BLACK MAN who has MURDERED another human being. The officers should receive a fair trial that includes the penalty of murdering another human being.


Walker was released from jail on home incarceration, which infuriated the FOP Union president, representing the Louisville Metro Police. He claimed that Walker was a very dangerous man and should not be set free. My question is, why should he be on home arrest when he is innocent of a crime?

I personally know several police officers. They are wonderful people! I also know that the job of a police officer is very difficult and could be fatal. In other words, I know that all police officers are NOT dirty cops. I also realize that some cases are not easy for the judge, the jury or the attorneys. But, Let Justice Do Her Work!!!

What can we do to let the Justice system in Kentucky know we are not satisfied with this case? We can contact the governor of Kentucky. We can also write the Mayor of Louisville , Kentucky.

I have included contact information below.

Andy Beshear Governor

700 Capitol Ave , Suite 100


You can also email;

Other things we can do as people of faith is (1) NOT be silent. (2) Christians can rise up everywhere and pray for justice in our country. Prayer accompanied with action can accomplish much good. Faith without works is DEAD. Our actions should not include physical violence or looting. (3) We can be involved in Community groups for change in policies and statues in our communities. (4) We can run for public office. What is God calling you to do?

According to Isaiah 1:17, "Learn to do good; seek JUSTICE, correct oppression; bring JUSTICE to the fatherless,and plead the widow's cause.

The Louisville, Kentucky Mayor, fired the police chief, over handling of fatal shooting during protest!!!!! A very interesting fact is that police officers involved in the fatal shooting of the protester had not activated their body cameras.

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